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Helen Scott

Renowned for their soulful voices and fabulous stage shows, The Three Degrees have been continuously touring for over 40 years. Here, Helen, who’s been a member of the group since 1976, shares her travel experiences

The UK always feels like a second home to us because we’ve been here so much. The audiences are great. If we’re living here for two or three months we like to learn how everything works and we use the buses and the underground rather than taxis. The underground is wonderful because it’s colour-coded, so you don’t get lost. I went to the Tower of London recently to see the crown jewels. They were absolutely magnificent, especially the Star of Africa. The Beefeaters had to keep asking me to move along as I was so enthralled.

Japan is another favourite place. It’s a long haul, but worth it for the culture and the experience. We’ve been to so many different temples in Japan and it is so beautiful at cherry blossom time.

I’d say 99% of our travel is due to work. This leg of our tour started in Japan, we went home for one day then travelled to Europe, had four days in Amsterdam, arrived here in the UK two days ago and then we go home. We did get to see the Anne Frank Museum while in Holland as one of the newspapers arranged it. We’d never been there before and it was quite an experience.

Travel is obviously very important to us because we perform all over the world. But it’s not always a good experience – especially of late with so many things changing in airports. It has become much harder to travel; it’s not just the policies of the airlines, but the security systems going through airports. Nothing is co-ordinated. At some airports you have to take your shoes off, at others you don’t. Sometimes you remove belts, at others you don’t.

We have to take so much with us when we travel. We carry all kinds of cosmetics as we never know what’s going to happen, like a sudden TV interview. We travel with five foot high trunks that contain all our costumes. We were going through Dubai once on a flight to London. We got to London and couldn’t find the trunks – they were still sitting on the Tarmac in Dubai. We had to find costumes urgently, which wasn’t easy as we’re all different sizes and needed three of everything.

My favourite form of travel is by cruise ship as I like being by the water. It’s a peaceful existence, and when I’m out there on the water I just love it. We are doing a cruise to Norway next year and I’ve promised my 12-year-old grandson that I’ll take him with me to see Norway and the Northern Lights.

 (credit Visit England/HRP) – Helen is a huge fan of the Tower of London


Chris Beardshaw

My favourite form of travel is by cruise ship as I like being by the water. It’s a peaceful existence, and when I’m out there on the water I just love it.

Next year, The Three Degrees are headlining at the 40 Years of Disco Arena Tour, featuring the Village People, The Trammps, Imagination feat. Leee John, The Gibson Brothers, The Real Thing and Odyssey. The tour takes in four arena dates, starting on March 21, 2019.  To buy tickets, visit www.tdpromo.com/40-years-of-disco-2

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